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Headlight Restoration Service

Over time, headlamp lenses can become yellow, cloudy, and pitted. Many drivers of older cars are faced with ineffectual headlights because the cloudy lenses absorb the light instead of passing it through. Over a span of a couple years, headlights have a tendency to yellow, fog and ultimately cloud over as a result of UV exposure, debris, salt, age and general weather. Unfortunately this leads to poor vehicle appearance and compromises safety. With reduced night-time visibility, road hazards become even more dangerous.

Headlight Restoration offers a solution to restore the clarity of your lenses. In most cases, our process will restore your original headlights back to their factory crystal clear appearance. Save money over expensive replacements by having a Headlight Restoration process done to your vehicle. Bright and clear headlights will drastically increase your safety and improve the overall appearance of your vehicle.

This service is available at Ira Collision Center South for $89.95 plus tax.

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